A bit of history


Giovannetti was born in the mid 60s with the desire to innovate the universe of furniture through collaborations and brilliant products. This makes Giovannetti one of the companies that have written the history of Made in Italy and design in general. The innovative spirit and the wish to amaze are evident since its earliest works: Bauhaus, created in collaboration with Roberto Tapinassi, Bazaar born from a long collaboration between Giovannetti and Superstudio. Definitive maturity and success come with Anfibio (1970), a masterpiece of Alessandro Becchi, the sofa that is not a sofa, the bed that it is not a bed, Compasso D’Oro (Golden Compass) award in 1972, sold in tens of thousands of models and exhibited in 13 museums in the world.


Giovannetti products are exhibited in 13 museums all over the world: Museum of Modern Art (New York); Museum of Contemporary Art (San Diego); Philadelphia Museum of Art (Philadelphia); Rufino Tamayo Museum (Mexico City); Victoria and Albert Museum (London); Kolnischer Stadt Museum (Cologne); Vitra Design Museum (Well am Rhein); Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Tel Aviv); Power House Museum (Sydney); Triennale Design Museum (Milan); Museo della Farnesina (Rome); Museum of Industrial Design (Florence); Ara Pacis Museum (Rome)


Compasso d'Oro (Anfibio 1972); Young & Design Gold Medal (Gabbiano 2003); Special Mention Young & Design (Flower 2004); Special Mention Young & Design (Dune 2005); Special Mention Young & Design (Wave 2006); First Prize at Abitare il Mare (2006 for the staging of a luxury cabin);

International Exhibitions

Since its foundation, the company has participated with its models in the international exhibition of Turin (Eurodomus), Milan, Paris, Cologne, Moscow, Seoul, Tokyo and Chicago, Malmö, Valencia, London, Dubai, Warsaw, Bari, Copenhagen, gaining over time visibility and consideration. On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of Anfibio's birth, the Ministry and the University wanted the company to exhibit in Brera (Milan) in the prestigious Napoleonic Hall.


There are many cultural events to which the company has been invited for the prestige of its brand. It is worth mentioning the last ones: Palazzo Reale (MI-2009), Castel Sant'Angelo (RM-2011). Ara Pacis Museum (RM-2011), Ragghianti Foundation (LU-2009), PAC Museum (Contemporary Art Pavilion (MI-2015, 2016), Maxxi Museum (RM-2016), Palazzo Strozzi (FI-2017), Lugano (CH-2009), Ascoli Piceno (2011), Abitami (MI-2011), Macef (Mi), Pop Ub (RN-2010), Villa Erba (92- Cernobbio CO), Ragghianti Foundation (LU-2015)


Giovannetti Collezioni has been invited by a few Chambers of Commerce to conduct training seminars for furniture distribution in Parma, Pescara, Venice, Rome. Cavalier of Labour Giovannetti has held monographic courses on Design both in Florence and in Calenzano, at the Faculty of Architecture and Design. Such relationships made possible for many students to be hosted in the Company as interns; There are several dissertations dedicated to the Company and its history.

Collaborators and Sales Representatives

The relationship with the External Commercial Structure is always positive. A lot has been invested by the Company in the professionalism of its Collaborators by delegating Studio Santagostino in Milan to hold training courses aimed at marketing and sales.


The sensitivity and managerial skills of Cav. Giovannetti allowed him to hold for many years important positions in the National Direction of Assoarredo, a specialized member of Confindustria. The desire to discuss, to confront one another and to analyze the various stages of generational change led the Company first to create with its Suppliers a Consortium called Italprogetti, and then together with ICE (Institute for Foreign Trade) and other companies (Unifor - Skema - Leucos - Origlia - Skipper-) to create in Chicago the Italcenter consortium, with a continuous and multi-year exhibition space of 1150 square meters in the prestigious headquarter of Merchandise Mart staged by Lella and Massimo Vignelli.

Cultural relations

Over the years the company has collaborated with internationally renowned Italian figures; Some names are worth mentioning: Gae Aulenti, Tano Festa, Nanda Vigo, Fabio de Poli, Mario Schifano, Cicci Castiglioni, Marco Zanuso, Michele Provinciali, Mauro Lovi, Nicola Maria Martino, Silvio de Ponte, Sante Monachesi, Superstudio, Gregotti Associati , Cini Boeri, Archizoom, Maria Simoncini, Franco Poli, Dino Gavina and many others. Each of them left signs in the creative spirit of the company.


Giovannetti brand has always enjoyed great visibility with advertising campaigns and countless editorials in both Italian and foreign press; the liveliness of the products allowed it to appear on many programs of the Italian television networks RAI and MEDIASET, which are regular customers.


Giovannetti has heavily invested over the years in the research of its products, being today the owner of countless molds that are actually a wealth added to its value. Some mentions: Bazaar, Onos, Anemone, Bubbles, etc.

Business formula

Giovannetti has always been a product-oriented company, focused on constantly improving the quality of its products and on the search for increasingly high efficiency in its production processes. The proper use of capital has determined, over the years, a specialization represented by the concentration of supply in certain market niches characterized by the great customization of the product that allow to obtain effective results only through a just in time management of the means of production.